Sunflower Seed and Pine Nut Vegan Pate

I attended a baby shower for my sister-in-law, hosted by GreenB.E.A.N. Delivery owner Beth Blessing. As she welcomed me into her home, Beth pointed out several vegan options on the baby buffet. And as awesome as it is to have someone recognize AND cater to the vegan diet, hummus and a nut bowl aren’t exactly culinary accomplishments.

I was sipping the party punch as I chatted with the mom-to-be, and decided to try the hummus. It looked boring and basic, but I’m used to that.

Suddenly, I could’t make out what anyone was saying. My taste buds hijacked my hearing, cutting off all sensory input that wasn’t directly related to the party taking place in my mouth. I think I even stopped breathing for a brief moment.

Full disclosure: My initial impression registered carnivore-quality flavor. I remembered my mom’s homemade fried chicken; and as a future vegan, the best part wasn’t the poultry. It was the crunchy crumbs left on the plate that were as good as any dessert that was offered.

Seriously, I didn’t even swallow…I found Beth and asked with a mouth full of food…”WHAT THE HECK IS IN THAT?”

She simply shrugged and mentioned something about sunflower seeds and pine nuts. She assured me it was a vegan pate.

Everyone who saw my reaction came to try a bite. So a word to the wise. Don’t draw attention to this, lest you have to share. It’s THAT good.

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