Vegan Ice cream doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s doesn’t even have to be ice cream. Complicated recipes and delicate preparation techniques are rewarding, but simple can be just as scrumptious as strenuous.

I used to push my near-rotten bananas on the kids in a valiant effort to not waste food. Now I discretely tuck them into the freezer. Anytime there is excess fruit, from a few berries to a half eaten apple, it goes into a freezer bag.

Bananas are the secret ingredient needed to create a naturally sweet and creamy vegan ice cream, and should make up at least half of the fruit in your personalized combination. Remove from freezer about 10 minutes before needed. In a Vitamix (you really need a quality high-speed blender to produce even consistency) or a food processor, puree fruit until it transforms into whipped velvet. Add any additional flavors you’d like. My favorite is raw coconut flakes.

You’ll never need that ice cream maker again! This is so easy…

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