When it’s time to turn those fall decorations into something useful, many of us feel “pumpkin’d out”. There are many awesome ways to use the squash, and pumpkin recipes are plentiful. But it’s easy to store, as well. Make a pumpkin puree and store the excess for months in the freezer!

Make a Pumpkin Puree:

1) Clean out your pumpkin of all of the pulp. Save the pumpkin seeds for roasting, slather some pumpkin guts on your face for a pumpkin facial, get messy!

2) Make a happy Jack-o-lantern if you wish, or just plop the pumpkin on a baking sheet and roast in 350 degree oven for about an hour, until outside is squishy to the touch.

3) Allow the roasted pumpkin/Jack-o-lantern to cool.

4) When pumpkin is cool, peel off the skin

5) Place cooked pumpkin flesh in a food processor or high speed mixer. Process until desired pureed consistency.*

*Note: If you are too lazy to wash another appliance, you can skip this step and just transfer cooked pumpkin flesh to freezer-safte containers.

Oh, the potential!!!

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