Gardening is a metaphor. You take the time to roll up your sleeves, get a little dirty, tend, water, and nurture your investment, wait patiently for Mother Nature to do her thing, and she will (usually) give back ten-fold.

As the summer draws to a close, now is the time when gardeners begin to reap what they have sown.  And now you wonder, how can I best preserve all of the flavor and aroma of those delicious herbs to save a taste of summer for the dead of winter?  I have just the answer: Skillet-ready Fresh Frozen Herbs. It’s simple:

1.  Harvest the herbs: cut or dice herbs into small pieces (I like to use my kitchen sheers).

2. Transfer herbs to a divided container: I used a muffin tin, an ice-cube tray is another option.

3. Prepare a liquid marinade mixture: I used a mixture of extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, water, black pepper, and garlic powder. Go crazy and create!  Think liquid: vinegars, juices, oils and some spice. Even water will work if you aren’t crazy about the oil. After mixture is created, pour into individual sections of divided container, filling until fresh herbs are covered with liquid.

4. Freeze divided container for about 12 hours

5. Remove from freezer: after a minute or two, you should be able to pop the flavorful discs out of the tray with a butter knife. Transfer to freezer-safe container, such as a Ziplock bag.

6. When you are ready to use the Fresh-Frozen herb discs, just place a couple in the skillet, add some veggies, maybe some beans or tempeh cubes for protein, and enjoy a fresh and flavorful sauté!

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