David Ryan Harris: Be Beautiful 

Thoughts from my head as I woke up this morning: 

…How is it Monday already? 

……I do the same thing everyday, how boring! 

………Life would be better if my day didn’t start at 7a.m.

Like many of you, most of my Mondays look very similar: school, homework/studying, and then work. While I choose all of these things individually, they collectively begin to feel monotonous. Maybe I wish for a more glamorous life. 

If I could rewrite today, I probably choose to travel, feel the sunshine, eat healthy and beautiful food, attend a yoga class, or take pictures of everyday beauty that catches my eye. 

I find myself complaining about the boring basics, but then I look at my list and realize the potential is in the perspective. I can stand on my head (yoga), put a funky head band on and travel in style to my class, try a new blend of coffee, and as my mood shifts, take pictures with my mind’s eye of each moment I embrace through out the day.

To get out of the normal human reaction to Mondays (AAAAGGGHHH) I am going to listen to David Ryan Harris’ Be Beautiful. It’s true that no matter how horrible we think our lives are, there is always someone out there who would trade places with us. Luck, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. 

I think the key to not only surviving the week but to embracing it as a gift is to believe that we as individuals are enough, that we alone are worth it. Every time I got in one of these ‘grass is greener’ ruts as a child, my mom would always say JUST BE YOUR SELF! It would drive me crazy but as I sit here this morning all I want to say to you is, do not let go of who you are because you are already perfect.  

Besides, how do you know that what you want will make you happy? If you don’t have it, how do you know? Consider that you already have everything you need to feel free.

Today’s goal is not comparing yourself to anyone. If you catch yourself saying the slightest part of a comparison I want you to repeat these lyrics in your head: “Believe you belong and be beautiful.  Be free, be strong and be beautiful.” 

The only thing we can control in life is our attitude. Beauty comes from within…EVERY TIME!

Happy Monday!  

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