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This webpage is what turns Life Off the Label into a Handbook for Creating Your Own Brand of Health and Happiness. Stream the audio and share your favorite sections with a friend. Print valuable bonus content for each chapter. Add hard-to-find ingredients to your cart on Amazon. Take a test to evaluate your level of Normal vs. Healthy below. 

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by Colleen Kachmann | Life Off the Label

Access printable worksheets plus bonus content for each chapter with audio. Download a copy of the ebook from Amazon.

Looking for a great cookbook or ingredients I’ve mentioned? Add them to your cart on Amazon . . .

 Looking for ingredients? Here’s my favorite on Amazon . . .

Looking for ingredients? Here's my favorite on Amazon . . .

Looking for a great cookbook to inspire you? Check out my favorites . . .

It's not healthy to be normal.

Will you beat the statistics?

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