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I just published Cordelia’s post, Music Monday: Another Week of This? She’s a light in my life, one of many, and we were talking about how hard it can be to deal with reality.

She shared with me that she wanted to celebrate the winter snow this weekend by making soup and snuggling down with a few documentaries. I’m not sure which ones she viewed, but her sentiments were similar to mine after a marathon that included SuperSize Me, Food Inc., Glass Walls (with Paul McCartney), An Inconvenient Truth and Black Wave (Exxon Valdez Oil Spill).

When you are willing to look at the truth, you might feel horror at the magnitude of wrong in our world, and an overwhelming sense that we can’t fix it.

It makes you want to hide under the covers and go back to sleep.

When I saw her comment of frustration, I tweeted back a little advice (82 characters to be exact)…(I am old enough to be her mother, so I’m qualified…)

When you are waking up to the harsh glare of the truth, wear sunglasses. #designer

It would be easy to just get mad at all the injustice; anger is created when you argue with reality as though you can control it. Saying It should be like this, or It shouldn’t be like that isn’t the solution. So shhhh….

Anger with the truth doesn’t create positive change. It’s not beautiful. It robs us of joy and peace. It diminishes our capacity to accept the present moment exactly as it is. It creates fear. Fear creates more pain. It’s a cycle that only you can stop.

When you feel yourself getting angry, take a breath. Look at every moment as a gift…if only of opportunity. Let go of your rightness; it won’t serve you, but only stand in your way as yet another obstacle. If your heart hurts, feel the pain and acknowledge the suffering without trying to change it.

We can’t control what goes on around us. But we can choose our attitude. Choosing to bear witness to what is real is the first step. Applying love and compassion to our reaction is the next.

Beyond that, it’s out of our control.

So when you are ready to open your eyes, grab a good pair of sunglasses. The light may be harsh, but darkness isn’t the answer.

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