Do The Next Right Thing

Do The Next Right Thing

You need to make a real change that lasts, but you’re struggling with motivation and procrastination. Life keeps getting in the way. You need support. Advice. Accountability.

You need a coach.

My expertise includes:

  • Alcohol use disorder (drinking too much)
  • Nutrition and meal planning
  • Reducing medications for chronic issues
  • Hormonal imbalance (perimenopause)
  • Burnout and stress management
  • Navigating divorce, remarriage and blended families
  • Disordered eating, weight loss, weight management

Do the next right thing. Schedule a consultation with me. See package options below.

Move from resistance to flow 

You’re stuck. I can help with that. Coaching is a partnership that gets you out of your head and into action. Together, we’ll contrast the current reality with your ideal vision. We’ll identify limiting beliefs, prioritize values, and navigate the logistics of change. You’ll gain clarity, motivation and a plan. 

One-on-One Coaching includes:

  • Private appointments, approximately one hour
  • Goal setting, recommendations, accountability
  • Ongoing phone, text and email support between sessions.
  • Nutritional guidance, recipes, meal planning
  • Resources specific to your needs and goals (books, videos, websites, podcasts, journaling exercises, etc.).

I lost over 100 pounds on my own. And then it started coming back. It was embarrassing and shameful to think I was destined to be among the 95 percent of people who regain all their weight. I envied the healthy and active people who seemed to have it easier than I did. Working with Colleen gave me the tools and skills to transform my relationship with my body and my understanding of food. She encouraged me to trust my intuition. She challenged me to break my own rules (because they were holding me back). Now, for the first time in my life, I am happy with myself and so very proud of who I’ve become. I would never have believed this was possible without Colleen’s support. – Missy 

Missy B.

Registered Nurse

I have been a single mom since shortly after my children were born. For 10 years, I worked in a high stress job and spent all of my time taking care of my kids. Fourteen months ago, my weight hit an all time high. I was five feet tall, 165 pounds, and needed Spanx to squeeze into my biggest clothes. So I spent a year going to a personal trainer 3-4 times a week, and cut back on unhealthy food. When I didn’t loose any weight, my doctor referred me to a metabolic specialist, who found that my triglycerides were at 602, and my total cholesterol was at 347. A genetic test indicated that I don’t metabolize cholesterol very well. Statins were prescribed, and I was told I’d need them the rest of my life. But even at small doses, the side effects were immediate. Muscle fatigue, cramping, flu-like symptoms, daily exhaustion, and several severe depressive episodes were debilitating. I tried at least five different statins and each was as bad as the last.

I couldn’t live this way. So I did my research and made a decision. I believed that if I changed my lifestyle, cleaned up my diet and lost weight, I wouldn’t need those drugs. But I felt like I’d already tried everything! Even my doctor believed I’d always need the statins regardless of my efforts. It seemed hopeless.

And then I started working with Colleen. Unexpectedly, most of our sessions were not spent talking about what I should and shouldn’t eat. Self-defeating thought patterns were my greatest challenge. Colleen helped me get out of my own way and overcome my fear that things would never change. Every small step gave me the confidence to take another. I just needed someone else to believe in me until I could believe too. The weight was slow to come off and I had to push through frequent plateaus. But I now weigh a healthy 118 pounds. My cholesterol and triglycerides have dropped into the normal range—off the statins!—and continue to fall. And I have no fear that I can’t sustain this. Colleen didn’t just help me lose weight. She guided me to a completely new perspective. Her coaching style – combining both nutritional and psychological counseling – has been instrumental in my success. I know that I did the work, but I give Colleen all of the credit. And now that I have the knowledge (and the energy!) I will pay this success forward, starting with my kids!

Anna M.

Non-profit Administrator


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What is health coaching? 

When you go to see your doctor, you are told what is wrong and how to fix it. When you take a class, you are told what you need to know and how to apply it. But if knowledge actually led to health and happiness, chronic illness and stress wouldn’t affect so many of us. Most of us have at least some idea of what we need to do, and absolutely no idea why it’s so hard to do it! Coaches provide support and accountability, and draw out personal motivations for change and individual solutions that will work. 

Coaching is not therapy . . . Therapy tends to focus on fixing problems by exploring past issues. Coaching focuses forward. It’s based on exploring current situations and then creating an action plan with goals that will manifest each individual’s vision for their ideal reality.  Coaching isn’t interested so much in the why, but the how.

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