Cashew Cream 

Eating plant-based and dairy-free does not mean forgoing delicious and creamy foods that satisfy the same cravings that buttery, creamy and cheesy foods seem to offer. Trust me. You can still create exquisite delights that can surpass even the best dairy-based food.

And if you are worried about too much soy, the bonus is that cashew cream can be substituted for tofu in many recipes. If you are worried about the high cost of cashews (or the calories), substitute half the cashews or more with white beans. The result is still pretty darn decadent.

Cashews have a mild, simple flavor. When soaked, they turn white and plump up (like beans). When pureed, the resulting cream can be the base for an alfredo-like sauce, béchamel and hollandaise sauces, white pizza topping, macaroni and cheese, stroganoff flavor, lasagna, creamy, butter-like soups, sweet icing for cookies and cakes, ice cream and more. Your imagination will be inspired with this easy recipe.

Begin with 2 cups of whole, raw, organic cashews. and rinse well under cold water. Place cashews in a bowl and add just enough water to cover them. Let them sit anywhere from 1 hour to overnight. Soaking raw nuts improves the taste because dust, residue and tannins are released and rinsed away, creating a smoother flavor. As little as 20 minutes shows great improvement, but leaving them in a bowl overnight is fine. Just rinse thoroughly.

Drain, rinse and place in a blender or food processor. Blend on high for a few minutes, until smooth.

You now have the foundation to begin a masterpiece!

This paste can be stored in the fridge for about 3 days, and in the freezer for up to six months.

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